Getting started

Where do I start?

Starting an audio library for your team takes you 5 minutes. Click Try for Free on audvice.com. Enter your email address, verify it with a 6-digit code we send you via mail and you will get to the audio library setup. We only need a few infos to create your audio library. Once you’ve completed the registration form you will have access to your dashboard, where you can invite additional users to your audio library. To start recording, download the audvice app in the App Store or Play Store, log in with your credentials and you’re good to go.

How do I enter my audio library in the app?

Once you’ve created your audio library, you can simply download audvice in the App Store or Google Play Store. When opening the app on your smartphone you now need to type in the audio library code you’ve chosen. After entering your code you can simply login with the email address and password you set when creating the library. If you are not the admin of the audio library you need to be invited to join. Once you’ve accepted your invitation via email & followed all the steps to set-up your account you can simply login with the email address and password you chose.

Where do I get my audio library code?

If you are the admin of your audio library, you can create your teams code. We recommend you use your company name - this way it is easy to remember for your team. And don’t worry about security - no one can enter your audio library with just your code. They need to be invited & verified users to login.

If you are not the admin, you will get the code in your invitation e-mail. If you happen to forget it or you loose the e-mail, you can always ask your admin.

How can I invite people to my audio library?

Only admins can invite additional people to the audio library. They can do that via the audvice web dashboard by simply adding the email addresses of the people they want to invite. The users will then receive an invitation via email that lets them setup their account.

What’s the difference between admin and user?

Admins have access to the web dashboard, where they can manage users, pin highlights, manage billing & keep track of audio libraries usage.

Users only have access to the audvice app itself. In there they can record, listen to, organize & share playlists and collaborate with others.

The app

How can I record a track?

Once you are inside the audvice app you’ll see a red recording button on the bottom of the screen. If you press it the in-app recorder will open.

By pressing the red button again, you’ll start recording. If you need to take a break or made a mistake you can simply press the red button again to pause your recording. If you want to revise a mistake, scroll back on the waveform to a speech-pause right before you made the mistake and press record again to overspeak it.

How can I create a playlist from my drafts & share it?

To access your drafts, click on the red recording button on the bottom of the screen. The recorder will open and on the bottom you’ll see the sheet for your drafts. You can access them by pulling that sheet upwards.

You can change the name of your draft by clicking on the title.

Once you want to create a playlist out of one or multiple drafts, you press “Select to share” at the top right corner of your drafts sheet. You can now select the tracks and press share. In the next steps you can either add the tracks to an existing playlist or create a new one.

When creating a new playlist you’ll need to give it a title, can add a description and a link. Once you’ve done that, the app will take you to the final screen where you can choose who you want to share your playlist with. You can share the playlist with single users, groups or the whole audio library.

Playlists in audvice are private by default. If you only want to upload your playlist to private collection, so only you can listen to it, simply skip the step of adding users or groups and upload it.

What is the difference between my collection, sharing in a group, or sharing with specific people?

You can easily choose who you want to share your content with when you create a playlist.

The default setting when creating a playlist is that it will be saved in your private collection - meaning only you have access to it. If you want to share your content with a specific department or team you can select or create a group. You can also share your playlist with single users. So you have full control over who has access to your content.

How can I create groups?

You can create groups with selected team members directly in the app or in the admin dashboard. This allows you to share specific playlists with multiple people with just one click, storing and retrieving all the information relevant to the group in one place.

Can I record just for myself and keep my tracks private?

We appreciate you using audvice to help you remember, repeat or organize important information. You can easily save your playlist in your private collection. As long as you don't choose to share it with others, it's all yours and all content remains private.

Can my admin listen to my private playlists?

Definitely not. Only you can access and listen to your private tracks.

Can I add PDFs, quizzes and other links to my playlist?

Yes. When creating or editing a playlist you can add a discription with additional information as well as links to quizzes, pdfs etc. If a user clicks on your links, an in-app browser will open. So they can keep listening to the playlist while viewing additonal resources, without leaving the app.

Can I see who listened to my playlist or tracks?

Yes. As the owner of a track you can see who listened to it. To do so, click on the 3 dots on the right-side of your track. A menu will open, that shows you a few different options of what to with your track. One of the menu option is called “Listened by”. If you click on it a list of all the users that have listened to that track will open.

How can I collaborate on a playlist with a colleague?

Playlists in audvice are collaborative, which means that other users of your audio library can add tracks to your playlist.

How can I share playlists outside my audio library?

If you want to share a playlist with someone that isn’t part of your audio library you can do that by creating a public weblink. Anyone with that link can listen to your playlist. You can also use this link to embed playlists on websites, intranets etc.

To create the weblink, open the audvice app and go directly to the playlist you want to share. Press the 3 dots at the top right corner of your playlist. Here you will see the option to copy a weblink.

How can I get a transcript of my playlists?

Please be aware that currently transcripts only work for English recordings.

Every published track is automatically transcribed and this transcript can be shared internally and externally. To view the transcript of a track, start playing it. At the bottom of the screen you’ll now see the blue mini-player and if you click on it, the full-player will open. Here you’ll be able to view and share your transcript.

Can I import existing audio files?

Yes. Admins can upload existing audio files (no matter what file format) directly in the web dashboard.


What are templates?

Templates serve as inspiration on how and for which cases you can use audvice.

Since we offer an unprecedented solution with our app, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and have therefore created these templates. Our templates do not only help you to record your first playlists, but also save you time. Instead of having to figure out how to structure your playlists yourself, you can simply browse through our templates and adopt predefined structures.

How can I use them?

You can find our templates on the website audvice.com/templates. You’ll find more than 20 templates, with their individual tracks, for different use cases.

As soon as you have found a suitable template for your situation, you can start right away: Pick up your phone, open audvice and start recording the first track.


Can I use audvice for free?

Yes, join us for a free trial month.

I am a student, is there a special offer?

Yes! Apply here to use audvice for free as a team of up to 5users.

How much does it cost?

Contact sales@audvice.com to get an offer.

How can I add more users to my audio library?

Of course! Contact sales@audvice.com to change the details of your order.